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Ok, this time it's a huge update, three new series with Lady Lovebird. And some color stuff, too :-) So go have a look! As usual in the "recent work" section.
There are some more news about the german fetish scene as well: On May 30th, Madrid will host the first Spanish Fetishist World! So everyone who always planned to come to Madrid - this could be the right time! The weekend will be full of fun and kink, they are still working on more to come on the 27th and 28th and we will of course keep you informed about it. Go see their website: oh and btw, we did the flyer picture as you may recognize :-)

After almost two months we have a new gallery update for you. One new series with Marionette Latexista, this time in color, and also some pictures of this year's latex fetish fest party-weekend in Toronto.
Even if it seems that this are the only updates on the site we fixed some bugs during the last weeks, put up some new links and some new books in the specials-section.

This update contains two new series in the recent work section. We had the chance to work with two fantastic models while we were in Toronto. First: Asia Fetishista, the famous fetish model from Tokyo and Second: Rubber-Maid, an upcoming model from Korea. I was introduced to her by Marquis at Fetisch Bonanza on Friday, and we decided to do a shoot on monday.

This time the update is not that extensive as usual, but there are a lot of exciting news: We have a 6-page portfolio in the recent issue of Fetish/Latex Magazine, so if you didn´t already get one, join your local fetish-dealer and grab a copy. Also there is a feature about us in the French fetish magazine "Latexa". We didn´t see it yet, but it seems to be good. And unbelievable, but true: We will leave darkroom, computer and cats alone at home and will be off ot the latex fetish fest - Weekend in Toronto for having some days of fun and an exhibition at this year's expo gallery show. Beside the good old handmade - prints, we are now able to offer you high-quality inkjet prints of our pictures to a real good price. Take a look at the Shop for further information.

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Fetish Photography

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anya-latex-fetish anya-latex-fetish anya-latex-fetish anya-latex-fetish

Anyas latex fetish and blonde rubber babes long boots kink of naughty tight outfitted beautiful sweetheart. See more latex fetish at with plenty of gorgeous glamour girls in naughty shiny outfits, latex and pvc fetishes.

Exclusive and impossibly hot Bondage Shows are waiting for you on this website. You can enjoy tons of amazing fetish Sex Videos this Fetish Tube is proud to offer. Nude Videos of real fetish babes are available at the Nude Videos Club, try it out if you fancy seeing latex dresses drop! On this tube, the show must go on no matter what, so it's a great way to pass your free time whenever you feel horny and super kinky.

Amateur Hairy Bushes  There is nothing like your amateur next door girl, trying her sexuality for the first time in front our camera.

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Fetish Play Party

Expanded playroom (we have 4 new pieces of Fetish equipment that debuted on New Years eve.

Check out our 2 new spanking benches that have a cage to lock people under the bench, 1 new rack shaped like the fetish masquerade logo, and a spider webbed cage)

anya-latex-fetish anya-latex-fetish anya-latex-fetish anya-latex-fetish

There are 20 pictures from the Only Fetishes Bonanza party now online. Big thanks to the OFFICIAL photographer Amarillo

There are 20 pictures from the Halloween Only Fetishes Bonanza party now online. If you see him wandering through the night, go up, ask him if you can rub his head and get your picture taken! now go on, check them out

There will be NO Only Fetishes Bonanza on the 3rd due to corona... theme, Femdom Feast. This should give all you tramps and pervs ample time to strengthen that flogging arm and tighten those buttocks for the intense night of debauchery and naughtyness.

Only Fetishes Bonanza there was a great turnout from those people dedicated to debauchery. Photos from the evening have been posted in the photos section. Check them out.

Babes in Latex - Exclusive Latex and Shiny Films -

Fetish Club Rules

  • Fetish and fantasy style dress is required. Latex, leather, pvc,harnesses, & corsets are recommended. No street clothes will be allowed.
  • Absolutly no cameras, the camera will be confiscated and the film destroyed.
  • Due to ontario liquor laws you must be 19 years of age or older with valid id to enter the club.
  • Play safe and consensual. Over aggressiveness is not condoned. Negotiate your scene before you play. Do not make assumptions.
  • Use equipment at own risk, ensure it is safe every time you use it.
  • Anything that will scar, brand, or cause permanent damage is prohibited.
  • No urinating, drinking urine, or "golden showers" or other "wet scenes" are allowed.
  • Unless invited, do not interfere with the scene. If you wish to join, catch the eye of the "top" for permission.
  • Do not crowd ongoing scenes (watch the backswing).
  • There is to be no commercial solicitations or violations of the law.
  • Act respectfully to others.


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